The Truth about Eggs and Cholesterol

You love eggs, but do eggs truly love you? Let’s have a quick heart-to-heart discussion about the beloved egg. Maybe you adore eggs but you also fear them because you’ve been told that they are linked to high levels of cholesterol and heart disease. As a result, you limit your egg intake, thinking that it doesn’t make sense to add eggs’ cholesterol and fat to your body when you all you truly want from eggs is protein. Good news: Science shows a completely different story, so you no longer have to fear the egg, according to Norco Ranch, a premier egg provider in Southern California.

Research shows that the egg is a nutritional powerhouse — one that will help your heart, not hurt it. Yes, the eggs of chickens do contain cholesterol. However, the impact of the consumption of eggs on your blood cholesterol level is minimal compared with saturated fats’ and trans fats’ effects.

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In fact, your heart disease risk might be linked more to the food items you eat along with your eggs for breakfast, not to the eggs themselves. These food items include, for instance, ham, bacon, and sausage, which feature sodium. Plus, if you use oil to fry hash browns and eggs, you’re adding unhealthy saturated fats and trans fats to your body.

The reality is that the majority of healthy individuals can consume as many as seven eggs per week without boosting their heart disease risk. In fact, some research studies have indicated that eating this many eggs might actually guard you against certain types of strokes.

According to the book Dietary Guidelines for Americans, it is recommended that you eat between 100 and 300 milligrams of cholesterol per day based on your level of caloric intake. The nation’s agriculture department has reported that a single large egg contains around 186 milligrams of cholesterol, with all of this existing in the egg yolk.

If you would like to limit your cholesterol intake, you can consume only egg whites, as egg whites don’t have any cholesterol. However, if you love your egg yolks, then don’t be bashful about digging into them! Science shows that cholesterol is critical for your body, as it aids in the development of certain hormones as well as brain cells. The yolks of Norco Ranch eggs are ready for the eating and can do as much good for your body as they do for your palette.