We Love Good Eggs

At Norco Ranch, eggs are our business. And we take our business very seriously! This is why we strongly believe in only delivering quality eggs to our customers, who in turn can take pride in knowing that their direct customers always end up with the best quality eggs possible.

Likely you have heard someone referred to as a “good egg” which generally refers to an individual who is well liked and appreciated and who also has a good and easy going personality. For us, every egg that our hens produce are good eggs for several important reasons. First off, our laying hens are cared for under a strict 3rd-party-audited animal welfare program in state-of-the-art, clean and safe environments. Secondly, we provide them with quality feed and fresh water to make sure they get the nutrients they need. Finally, we work carefully and attentively when collecting the eggs. We examine each egg to ensure that there are no cracks or discoloring that may indicate a subpar egg; of the few that we do find, we set them aside so that our customers are guaranteed that each egg from Norco Ranch is ideal and delicious.

What this means for each customer is that they can depend upon using and eating only the best quality eggs when they buy eggs from Norco Ranch. While a good egg starts with Norco Ranch eggs, you can make a fantastic egg with the right recipe. For instance, while we all know how to scramble eggs, how do you make your scrambled eggs stand out from the crowd?

Here are just two easy ideas for jazzing up your next egg dish:

  • Add a few tablespoons of Parmesan cheese along with a dash of milk, some salt and pepper for a unique taste that makes your breakfast plate extra special!
  • A fun and easy dish that has your kids begging for more is the classic Egg in a Frame. Simply take a slice of bread (white, wheat, sourdough, or other bread styles work fine as long as it comes in a loaf) and cut a square out of the middle. Drop the “bread frame” in your frying pan and then crack an egg and pour it in the center of the frame. Cook it just like a fried egg, flipping halfway through. Your bread is perfectly toasted, you have a lovely fried egg, and a host of happy eaters!
Image Source: americantable.org
Image Source: americantable.org

As you can see, making eggs the center of your next meal can be both fun and tasty. Want to learn more about Norco Ranch eggs? Look for the many positive Norco Ranch egg reviews and Norco Ranch reviews to learn why we stand head and shoulders above the rest of the egg producers.